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Working together to build a better future for women and girls. An egalitarian society where women and girls have the power and opportunity to realize their full potential.

Youth programs
The Youth Programs team develops different programs, offered in collaboration with our school and community partners, which aim to:

  • Promote their well being
  • Develop their leadership (Self-esteem, self-expression, solidarity, critical thinking)
  • Prevent violence

Our programs offer girls and women activities and workshops in a stimulating and safe environment which favors not only their personal fulfilment, but also helps develop their leadership skills.

The Youth Programs team at the YWCA Montreal takes into account the diversity of experiences and sensibilities of women based on their ethnic or religious affiliation, their language, their educational level, their socio-economic status, their sexual orientation, their past, their age, etc. We recognize our participants as active agents in their own personal and social transformation through our programs.

During the months of July and August, we offer a bilingual camp for girls aged 10 to 13 which works to reinforce and develop their leadership skills. The camp offers a variety of sport and art based activities, sensitization workshops and fieldtrips.

Our address

1355 Boulevard René-Lévesque O, Montréal, QC H3G 1T3
45.4960804, -73.5729119446
514.866.9941, poste 1-215

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